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The iPhone 5 has kept it's two classic colors black and white, it is built with an anodized aluminum case, the bevels are finely cut by diamond. The black version of the phone is a slate color with a beautiful matte back. As for the white model, it profits from a splendid silver coating.


Smartphone Apple iPhone 5 - 16 Go - Blanc argenté
Smartphone Apple iPhone 5 - 16 Go - Blanc argenté
140,00 EUR
Temps restant: 6d 23h 44m
Apple iPhone 5s - 16 GB - Silver (O2) Smartphone
Apple iPhone 5s - 16 GB - Silver (O2) Smartphone
204,31 EUR (2 Enchères)
Temps restant: 13h 17m
IPHONE 5S OR 64 Go débloquer
IPHONE 5S OR 64 Go débloquer
469,00 EUR
Temps restant: 2d 22h 56m
 iPhone 5s  garantie et debloquer
iPhone 5s garantie et debloquer
460,00 EUR
Temps restant: 2d 10h 6m
Apple iPhone 5s - 16 Go - Argent acheté le 5 juillet 2014
Apple iPhone 5s - 16 Go - Argent acheté le 5 juillet 2014
450,00 EUR
Temps restant: 2d 22h 6m
499,00 EUR
Temps restant: 6d 12h 27m
iPhone 5s - 32 G - presque Neuf - débloqué - Couleur Or - encore sous garantie
iPhone 5s - 32 G - presque Neuf - débloqué - Couleur Or - encore sous garantie
350,00 EUR
Temps restant: 2d 7h 28m
IPHONE 5   16 GB  .....
IPHONE 5 16 GB .....
354,00 EUR
Temps restant: 9d 19h 13m
Smartphone Apple iPhone 5c - 16 Go - Jaune
Smartphone Apple iPhone 5c - 16 Go - Jaune
450,00 EUR
Temps restant: 9d 18h 48m
Iphone 5c 16 go hs
Iphone 5c 16 go hs
110,00 EUR
Temps restant: 2d 16h 8m

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With a oleophobic elongated Retina display, central home button and a Facetime camera placed at the center of the unit, just above the ear-piece, second hand iPhone 5 keeps the traditional iPhone look with the power button staying at the top and the other buttons that don't change locations. slate-colored buttons on the black model ad to the sleek look of the device. The sim-card is now a Nano Sim format and is placed in the drawer on the right side of the unit.

Second Hand iPhone 5


Bigger, lighter and equipped with the A6, the world's fastest smartphone processor and an exellent gorilla glass coated Retina display. The iPhone 5, however, faces fierce competition. With all these innovations and that Apple touch, will this Smartphone be able to convince ? Here are its features :

Year: September 21, 2012

Screen: 4 inches

Camera: 8 mpx (basic) or 28 mpx (panorama mode)

2nd Camera : 1.3 mpx ( 720p 30 fps )

SoC : A6

Processor: ARMv7 dual -core 1.3 GHz

Internal memory: 1016 MB RAM

Storage Space: 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB

Memory Card: No Memory Card Slot

Operating System: iOS 6.1.4

Networks : 2G , 3G , 3G + , 3G + DC , 4G

Battery: 1440 mAh

Performance :

Facing the iPhone 4S and competing smartphones and with its " System on a chip" (SoC) A6 , the user is logically interested in the performance of the used iPhone 5, a new smartphone that sets the tone with a start time that takes about twenty seconds, compaired to the 38 seconds it would take for the 4S.

The SunSpider test shows that the new Apple gadget is placed in front of the Samsung Galaxy S III is significantly better for browser / OS optimizations. Next, video autonomy tests show that the phone lasts more than 45 minutes more than the 4S, while the Galaxy S III outperforms with far greater autonomy.

iPhone 5 second hand

The iPhone 5 and iOS 6.0

Apple offered a new version of its operating system for the iPhone 5. iOS 6.0 has nearly 200 new features and a brand new applications "Plans" or even "Passbook" Supposed to centralize your loyalty cards and other discount cards in one handy App.

With a bigger screen and thanks to iOS 6.0 iphone 5 features a new sceen layout which now has six rows of icons, a new row per panel. As for the virtual keyboard, it is the same in portrait mode, but has been slightly stretched in landscape mode.

Although elegant and powerful , the iOS 6.0 still presents some problems and is criticize for its lack of customization offered by other OS and wonder if they can change the wallpaper or the location icons .

It is difficult not to mention the mapping applications "Maps" on the iphone 5 second hand. With iOS 6.0, there is much to criticize the app made in Apple. Mapping requires more development while the 3D view is not available everywhere. Paris, for example, appears as a gigantic solid area where it is difficult to navigate with the views iOS 6.0. It goes without saying that Apple will not fail to correct wrinkles in "Maps" in the months to come. Despite these mistakes, the Smartphone is enriched by the navigation mode "turn-by-turn" with which it is finally possible to use iPhone 5 as a true GPS that guides you turn by turn.

Photo-video innovations

A secondhand iPhone 5 Takes the best properties of the for 4S that have already improved significantly since the iPhone 4 and goes on to improving even further. We know find an eight megapixel optical lens with all the bells and whistles you might come to expect from a modern day smartphone camera! The real innovation comes from the front facing FaceTime camera which has been significantly improved since the iPhone 4 no capable of filming at 720p (1280x960) compared to (640x480) on the old models.

As far as speed is concerned with the iPhone 4s was fast but the iPhone five is faster with and increased from 2,5 images per second to 3,6 images per second. That's up to one image per second more! The ability to detect faces wether in video or photo mode is a real benefit creating a far more social device. Apple continue to innovate and go further than simply miniaturizing their phones, they have managed to put a large number of performance upgrades and the new technology in the device that is 25% smaller!


Undoubtedly the iPhone 5c is that Apple still know how to design. This is by far one of the most elegant and well finished smart phones.
Even though the phone is thinner and lighter, it may take some time to get used to this screen seeming narrower as it is a centimetre longer than the iPhone 4s but keeps the same width. the customer does however win precious screen space for surfing the web and for consulting his messages.

Far faster The A6 processor offers impressive performance and battery life compared to the previous generation. On the media side Apple has improved the camera rather than simply increasing the number of megapixels, which is a pretty good idea! We also appreciate the arrival of the face time HD camera which replaces the previous model, and especially its progress in lowlight environments.

Some innovations can be quite irritating for users. The transition to nano Sim technology can be irritating especially when you have to run to the shop to find a new one as your old Sim card won't work. As for software, iOS6 has a few flaws that are increasingly hard to ignore it is for example regrettable to see no special software features for the new iPhone.

Ultimately the Apple iPhone is a beautiful and powerful smartphone that will definitely seduce you!
However whilst it has considerable Power for a smart phone it is certainly not unique in its genre. As for the price/performance ratio Apple can certainly do better by opting for moderation. The price level still remains high whilst the performance gained remains in line with the competition. As always for the best deals on used iPhone 5 look no further than Second Hand iPhone.


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